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Yoga and Wellness

Join us to explore many topics related to yoga and wellness with our experts: discover the surroundings of Auroville and its local culture related to yoga, learn more about ayurveda, different types of yoga, wellness and massage….

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FEb 24th

10am - 7pm

With Bala

Ancient temples around Auroville and Tamil legends, Siddha Yoga, pujas and more!

Join us for a one-day “talk & walk” blending experience and theory, practice, history, sightseeing.

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sun, march 17

9am - 5pm

With Andres Acosta

The body energy lines wisdom – SEN lines (Thai) or Nadis (Sanskrit) – is one of the most important and fundamental pillars of both Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. Energy merididans are energetic pathways of the life, giving breath in the body.
When the energy doesn’t flow appropriately through these energy lines disease appears.
In this workshop, you will learn the origin of this millenary knowledge and practical application for Yoga postures (Asanas), to enjoy a life with better energy flow. 

With Egle

Open to anyone

Yoga Nidra is an ancient and for human beings at many levels useful technique. It relaxes the body-mind system, improves the quality of sleep and reduces its time.
Yoga Nidra is also called “the deepest meditation possible”. Regular practice, done at any day or night hour, can be used to deepen the awareness reaching even the delta state (as the newest scientific research has shown). In that deep state one is able to perceive areas of more subtle existence, making use of ones more subtle and inner senses. It opens an endless and new are of exploration.

About Egle: Egle is practicing yoga since 20 years, “energy medicine and healing” certificate, presently learning “clinical hypnotherapy”

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