Learning more about
Yoga and Wellness

Join us to explore many topics related to yoga and wellness with our experts: discover the surroundings of Auroville and its local culture related to yoga, learn more about ayurveda, different types of yoga, wellness and massage….


>>> Registration is required for all workshops <<<

sat 28th september
sat 26th october
sat 30th november


60 min

With Santiago

Come and discover the power of sound during a relaxing session with Himalayan’s bowls.


Santiago is a diverse healing arts practitioner with a special connection to the benefits of sound, buddhist wisdom and ancestral shamanic ways. He is in constant research connecting ancient practices and contemporary methods for the human balance and wellbeing. Santiago has a long past experience in Western music working with electronic sounds and as pianist, Besides that, he has received specific training at the Kathmandu Healing Centre in Nepal for the therapeutic uses of bowls and bells.

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