Learning more about
Yoga and Wellness

Join us to explore many topics related to yoga and wellness with our experts: discover the surroundings of Auroville and its local culture related to yoga, learn more about ayurveda, different types of yoga, wellness and massage….


>>> Registration is required for all workshops <<<

every saturday

7.30 - 9 pm

With Jean Luc

Come and discover the power of sound during a relaxing session with tibetan bowls.

A session begins with yoga nidra (10 minutes), then ocean drum, rain baton, shamanic drum and overtones.

You will learn:
> What is vibration?

> What happens when you listen to different sounds?

> What is this useful for?

Jean Luc trained about 4 hours a day for 1 year and a half to sing: kototamas, mantras, overtones, Gregorian
Currently, he is doing bowl sessions at Asai Ambalam in Auroville.

                                          Registration is required

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