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Treat your body and soul

Body treatments always played an important role in maintaining human body and mind in balance. The healing power of human touch is stressed in all medical systems, from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine to classical western tradition.

Private sessions

with Bala, Laure, Salomea, Andres A., or Bebe

On request, private sessions can be designed for one person or for a private group.

Sessions with be designed according to your needs, body issues, level age and body type (Dosha) in English, Tamil, Spanish, French, Polish or Dutch.                                          


Duration: 90 min


Thai Yoga Massage
with Bebe

or Andres Acosta


Traditional Thai Yoga massage is received fully dressed. No oil is used during this massage.

For treatment with Tibetan bowls, ask for Andre Acosta.

Please wear loose clothes made of natural fabric, if possible.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a unique distinctive method of bodywork, in which the recipient is guided through a series of simple yoga postures, accompanied by stimulating body’s energy lines and pressure points. This blend results into an effective dynamic therapy
that releases muscle tension and blockages, eliminates toxins, improves circulation, restores natural energy flow through the body.

Having its roots in Ayurvedic system of knowledge, Thai Yoga Massage was brought from India to Thailand together with Buddhism. It has been practiced in temples and monasteries through centuries and has evolved into a unique transformative healing system for restoring body, mind,and spirit.

Duration: 90 min


Thai Oil Massage
with Bebe


Traditional Thai Oil Massage is a massage technique that removes the toxines, improves lymphatic and circulatory system and brings deep relaxation.

This type of massage is performed with oil and on a massage table.

Duration: 90 min

Deep tissue ayurvedic massage

with Laure

yoga teacher

Full and complete body massage with oil using ayurvedic tehniques.
Deep tissue massage has therapeutic benefits which are capable of healing your body and repairing muscles, tissues and joints. The therapist uses essential oils and works deep into the tissue in order to stimulate circulation, to improve organ functioning, to boost immune system.

This type of massage can be used to treat different conditions and is ideal for treatment of major muscles groups like the neck and back. It can also be used to relieve pain and tension, to improve postural problems and to overcome and recover from everyday stress.

Duration: 60 or 90 min


Head and shoulders Marma point massage
with Bala

Marma points means “vital points that hold life force energy”. In Marma point massage the practitioner uses fingers and hands to press (isometric / constant pressure ) the specific point in head , face ,neck and shoulders .This massage is based on the principles of Ayurvedic and various martial art traditions .
Marma massage can help:
1. In detoxifying the mind, body, emotions and spirit.
2. Relieve deep-seated tension, anxiety,emotions and psychological blocks
3. Improve circulation and energy flow
4. Connect the mind and physical aspects of the body & encourage self healing
5. Improve body and self image and encourage a sense of acceptance of your body

Duration: 45 min


Kalari oil massage
with Salomea

Duration: 90 min

     Kalari Oil Massage – Kalari Marma Chikilsa

Traditional kalarippayattu oil massage is full body treatment given with hands (kai-thirummu). 

 Kalari massage is focused on elements like: nerves, muscels, bones and marmas (vital  points).  It induces blood circulation, energise glands and activate pranic energy. It vitalize and refresh the body and the mind. Through getting rid of tension, your body can surrender to the process of self healing and allow itself to become more flexible. 

Kalari massage includes: head, face, foot, hands and spine treatment.

Kalari masaage is the part of holistic martial art kalarippyattu and its purpose was to relax the body of the warriors after strenuous training, becoming more flexible and to heal the injuries. 

It is kalarippayattu massage in tradition of Vasudeva Gurukkal and was thought to me by Shaji K. John.