Check our schedule and  drop in any regular class

Classes are in English unless specified.

Mats, props and belt are available.

You can join our scheduled classes or book
a private individual or group session designed according to your needs, level, age and dosha (body type) and language.

Private classes are available on demand in Spanish, Tamil, French or Dutch.


Please arrive 5 min before the class

Please proceed to payment at reception

Avoid heavy food 3 hours before the class

Group drop in sessions

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PRIVATE sessions

On request, private yoga or pranayama sessions can be designed for one person or for a private group.

Sessions with be designed according to your needs, body issues, level, age and body type (Dosha).

Sessions available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Tamil. 

With Andres A., Laure or Bala.                                       

Duration: 90 minutes

We offer also privet online classes!