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Bring your own mat and props

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Yoga classes for Jan '21

Vedic Sadhana

Chanting & Meditation Japa Sacred Texts

A rare chance to learn and benefit from spiritual Sadhanas deeply rooted in the Vedas. Classes will include karma, upasana and jnanayoga.

We will study and practice ancient time tested tools that will help us improve and get immunity towards life's negativity and to reach our highest potential as humans. Open for all, no previous experience need​

With Br. Somesh Chaitanya

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga as a therapeutic exercise, teaching by a physiotherapist

Accessible to all levels

With Rebeca

Pregnancy Yoga

In this 1 hour of class, we will be doing pranayama (only the appropriate ones during pregnancy), chanting, Standing asanas with all the needed variations for pregnancy, hip openers and relaxation.

Pregnant women have to be on their 2nd trimester onwards.

With Camilla

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

Dynamic yoga class including asanas and pranayamas.

Accessible to all levels

With bala

Hatha Yoga

Mahana is very passionate about spiritual, physical & mental well being.
Her aim when sharing the art of yoga with others is exactly to bring that sense of well being within ourselves. Here we allow ourselves to connect with the feeling of feeling good.


PRIVATE sessions

On request, private yoga or pranayama sessions can be designed for one person or for a private group.

Sessions with be designed according to your needs, body issues, level, age and body type (Dosha).

Sessions available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Tamil. 

With Rebeca, Laure or Bala.                                       

Duration: 90 minutes

We offer also privet online classes!